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Dehlco Field Water Flood Project

Richland Parish ,Louisiana Tuscaloosa Reservoir C Sand Unit



Asset Description

  • Located in northeastern LA

  • 200 Acre Production Area

  • 100% GWI- 75% NRI

  • Tuscaloosa Marine @ 2600 ft. Average 25ft Net Production Interval

  • 5 take points

  • 1 Water Source Well

  • 1 Salt Water Injector

  • No legacy Issues

  • Est. 2,000,000 bbl. + Remaining Recoverable

Quality Louisiana Light Sweet 40° API gravity oil at depths less than 2600 feet with very low drilling and recovery cost. The reservoir has a limited amount of energy and efforts are underway to enhance hydrocarbon recovery through implementation of a water flood.


Dehlco Field Advantages


-Tax benefits include intangible drilling cost related to the development of additional wells, with considerations regarding amortization/depreciation of the acquisition cost as well as depletion expense based upon oil production..

- Excellent sub surface well control is available through electric logs Dual Induction, Sonic and Compensated Neutron, and substantial core data.

-Production from the Tuscaloosa Formation is shallow (2600 TD) which makes drilling and completion cost, as well as equipment and insurance quite inexpensive compared to other parts of the Gulf Coast. 


Future Development

Further development will be the

addition of a second injection well along with three (3) additional points (or new producing wells) within the present reservoir.

Other potential Dehlco Field water flood reservoirs have been identified.


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